How important are your backups?

Your company’s data is arguably its most valuable asset. For this reason, learning how often you should perform a data backup should be high on the list of your organisation’s security priorities. Making backups is about more than just making a copy of files, it is a safety precaution that could save your company should disaster strike.

Although it’s obvious how important data backups are, it’s less intuitive to know how often your company’s data should be backed up. How often is enough and more importantly how often has it been tested to confirm the backup is ok?


Concerned about your backup plan?

Managed Backups

Bluebird Technology & Consulting incorporates managed backup, monitoring and support capabilities to safeguard your business data. Your most important data will be backed up both locally on-site and in the private or public cloud and only in Australia.

The most important element in a managed backup system is the ability to restore a lost e-mail, file or hard-disk on short notice. Backups can often be working, but the data is corrupt, so regular off-site backups, including a restore test are essential.