Business Grade Internet

At Bluebird Technology & Consulting we have dealt with NBN Services since its inception and know what to look for when dealing with internet providers and NBN Co and we are here to guide you to the best option for your business.

We can offer our customers Business Grade NBN services, with or without guaranteed response times for issues.

Are you unhappy with your internet currently or are you looking at a new location but need assistance getting the right internet plan set up? We will always work along with you and your existing provider for the best outcome for you.


Needing better internet and phones?

Business Grade Phones

As part of our holistic approach to technology we at Bluebird Technology & Consulting also offer VOIP services. We are 3CX accredited and can provide an on premise or cloud phone system. We provide either flat rate monthly plans or pay as you go plans to best accommodate your needs.

If you are needing a phone on your desk, through your computer or as an app for your mobile phone we provide uncomplicated solutions for your business.

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